About MD Power Steering

We supply and recondition all makes of power steering units such as: ZF, TRW, LUK, SAGINAW, etc.

Are these parts new or second-hand?

They are neither new nor second-hand. They are reconditioned or overhauled.

What are the differences between new, second-hand, rebuilt, reconditioned, overhauled, re-manufactured and repaired?

power steering repair involve

What does your process of reconditioning the units involve?

   • When we recondition a power-steering unit we wash and clean it first.
   • We examine the exterior of the unit for damage and physical function.
   • We then completely dismantle the unit and check, all parts for wear and condition.
   • All parts that are worn and can wear are replaced with brand new parts.
   • All shafts are cleaned, polished or reground where necessary.
   • The unit is then reassembled and put back together and adjusted and set to factory specs.
   • We then test it with our testing machine.