Common problems and their potential causes

Steering has gone heavy or stiff

  • steering system is out of oil; check oil in reservoir
  • faulty powersteering pump
  • drive belt has come off or the pump has come loose
  • stiffness or seizure in the steering column
  • faulty powersteering rack or box
  • seized track rod ends

Steering has gone heavy and is leaking oil

  • faulty power steering rack or box
  • faulty power steering pump
  • damaged or leaking steering hose

Unusual noises when I turn the steering wheel

  • steering system is low on oil, check oil in reservoir
  • faulty power steering pump
  • loose hose connectors
Excessive play in steering

  • worn ball joints
  • worn track rod ends
  • worn inner track control arms
  • worn steering column joints
  • worn steering box / steering rack

Wandering or general instability

  • any of the above
  • incorrect front wheel alignment
  • worn steering or suspension joints, bushes or components
  • different/wrong sizes of tyres fitted
  • wheel bolts loose
  • worn, damaged, or soft tyres / wheels
  • crash damage
  • defective dampers